Project: ss Great Britain Family Trail

Our proposal to reinvent the way families explored Bristol’s no.1 attraction, was so successful – over 30,000 of them were printed!

As part of the project, we commissioned the illustrator Matthew Land to create the charming 1900’s characters for each location, as well as the map of the ship.

Children were asked to turn the ship’s wheel until it matched their current location onboard, and then take-on the challenge presented by the [past] member of staff who appeared in the window. Once all challenges were complete, successful explorers received a shiny gold ‘ssGB’ medal (sticker) to crown their wheel as a reward!


…the ships wheel trail provided our family visitors with a range of fun, engaging activities to complete together whilst on site and a nice object to take home with them at the end of their visit. We used the ship’s wheels for almost 5 years making it one of our longest serving family trails.

Simon Strain
Active Interpretation Manager