Project: Our Games Our Values

A resource pack of activities for primary teachers needs to be quick easy to follow (for when herding children) and it needs to be easy to photocopy too. Therefore, clarity of information and a spine which wouldn't break after repeatedly being crammed under the lid of a Xerox were top on our list of must-haves for this design.

Spiral-bound documents can often get overlooked on a shelf busy with other resource packs though, so we opted for full-Canadian binding which allows the luxury of a printed spine to ensure teachers could make a beeline for it when lesson planning.

A child-friendly set of patterns and illustrations features on the photocopiable worksheets, and a CD of additional activities is neatly housed inside the cover.

Extra Strong were a pleasure to work with – enthusiastic, reliable and responsive to our needs.

Arilda Tymko
RELAYS Cultural Co-ordinator